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The Artificial Children

Meet The Performers:
:iconkurojokerplz: The leader of the Noah's Ark Circus when traveling and also serves as Baron Kelvin's butler. He is portrayed as an extremely goofy person. Despite this outer appearance, though, he is very serious and does not easily give in to emotions. He is missing his right arm and wears a prosthetic that looks like a skeletal arm instead.
:iconkurobeastplz: The Noah's Ark Circus animal tamer and usually called the star of the show. She is also missing her right leg, and has an artificial limb in its place. She is very dominating, and is quick to anger when things don't go according to plan.
:iconkurodaggerplz: Dagger is referred to as the Noah's Ark Circus bulls-eye knife thrower who never misses his mark. Dagger is a flamboyant, dramatic, energetic male who is nearly constantly smiling. He seems to have a great love, bordering on obsession, for Beast, whom he always refers to as "Sis" or "Big Sis." He is always willing to express his feelings for her, frequently serenading her or offering her gifts. He is missing his left leg, and has an artificial one instead.
:iconkurodollplz: Doll is a first-tier member of the Noah's Ark Circus, and holds the position of tightrope walker, who is initially introduced as the princess of the circus with a death-defying tightrope walk. However, when not performing, she pretends to be a new, male, second-tier member named Freckles. Doll is friendly and welcoming, but a bit naive. She is missing her left eye because her parents treated her too harshly and deformed her before she became an orphan.
:iconkurosnakeplz: Snake is the Noah's Ark Circus snake charmer, and is apparently capable of understanding snakes and is said to be half-snake himself. He is quiet, rarely speaking, and when he does, it's usually to relay information from one of his snakes. However, he seems to have a bit of a playful side, as he flirts Dagger through one of his snakes.
:iconkuropeterplz::iconkurowendyplz: They both work as trapeze performers in the Circus. Together, they are introduced as the "gasp-inducing flying blanco." Peter is prone to violence, angers easily and frequently makes rude, sarcastic remarks. He appears to have no problems with killing other individuals, or even striking or threatening other members of the circus. Wendy initially seems soft-spoken, and usually defers to Peter to do most of the talking. However, when she does speak, she presents herself in a mature manner.
:iconkurojumboplz: Jumbo is the Noah's Ark Circus fire eater. He starts the shows of the circus with one shot of fire. Jumbo seems to be the voice of reason among the circus members. He seems to be very level-headed and is not prone to giving into his emotions. Nonetheless, he is extremely kind and generous, even though he his willing to kill others in order to carry out his orders from the founder of Noah's Ark Circus, Baron Kelvin.
Meet The Man Who Started It All:
Baron Kelvin: He is the creator and financial supporter of the Noah's Ark Circus and is referred to as "Father" by the first-tier members. Baron Kelvin presents himself as a vulgar, obsessive, perverted individual with a great interest in children in general. Currently, he has a disregard for children; although, in the past, he welcomed children into his home and helped them live when they had been abandoned, abused or otherwise neglected by their parents.

Courtesy of KuroshitsujiWiki xD

YUP, your owner has a new account, so if anyone tries to contact me on my :iconfredfredburger009: account; it won't work. xD Because I neglect it like a long, lost child who doesn't have a home. >__>;;
SOYUP, my new account if obviously in the co-founders section or :iconcadenceoftheexile:.

Thanks for being all cool in this club n' stuff. 8D
Even if we don't do much of anything.
xD But it doesn't hurt to have it.
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I'm really pleased to announce that this is the very first FanClub to praise the Noah's Ark Circus and their lovely performers: Joker, Beast, Doll, Dagger, Snake, Peter, Wendy and Jumbo. And if you wish, Smile, Black and Suit! I have yet to invite members of all sorts into this group, and if you wish to invite, please DO NOT hesitate. Once I am able to gather up enough members, I'll be able to make contests and so forth. Please suggest favourites, and submit artwork, too! But until then, please share some ideas you may have for the group, I'm willing to look into them!
Great thanks to :iconkateskirmish: for featuring us in dA News:…

:bulletred:How To Join!:bulletred:
Don't feel like you need to enter in a super code to get into this group. I'm glad you want to join! I love having new people! So, please! By all means, click join. :3

Kuroshitsuji Related:

:bulletyellow:We Accept::bulletyellow:
{-- Coloured manga scans;
{-- Cosplay photos;
{-- Drawings [ obviously. xD ];
{-- Mature content;

We accept practically unless I say otherwise. o__o;








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